Understand Your Money Personality and Find Financial Freedom

Are you constantly worried about money? Is your relationship with money fraught with the fear that your money may disappear or that you will be exposed as a fraud because you lack the confidence to manage it?

I know you want to feel confident, happy, and secure about your finances. We all do. As a finance coach, I want you to have a sense of comfort and control in your relationship with money. I want you to gain financial freedom. Having financial freedom will propel you to Live Unstuck.

In order to achieve financial freedom, you’ll need to develop a conscious and purposeful relationship with money. You might start by looking at your childhood history with money, examining how your personality has formed your beliefs around money and how it has impacted your financial behavior.

Your money personality determines the strategies you tend to adopt that either keep you stuck or nurture your relationship with money. The goal is to get you unstuck by helping you establish a mindset and attitude that is at peace where money is concerned.

The following tips will help you determine the relationship you now have with money and offer insight into what might be causing you to derail from gaining financial freedom. Have a look at these money personality types. Do you see yourself in any of the examples?

STUFFER: A stuffer might use money to purchase items in an effort to make them feel better. A stuffer may use impulse purchases as a way of avoiding painful emotions. Do you use money as a release or outlet for overcoming life’s anxieties such as the fear of rejection?

GUARDIAN: A guardian may think she’s being a smart money manager, but there may be more going on. A guardian may guard their money with a tight fist because spending money makes her feel as though she’s not in control. Do you constantly worry about not having enough money? If this describes you, you could be considered a financial pessimist.

HATER: A hater might be someone who lives in deprivation and desolate conditions out of a sense of misplaced values. She hates money. She thinks people who are wealthy got their money through ill-gotten means. This person may have been taught in childhood that money is the root of all evil.

OBSESSOR: An obsessor blindly pursues making money and attaining wealth, as she believes more money will solve her problems and make her happy. The obsessor may feel that others may not like her for who she is. She is hoping money will be the salve to a sense of insufficiency she has felt since childhood. Money for the obsessor becomes a badge of success, prestige and power. Unfortunately, her self-worth becomes wrapped up in her net worth.

ENTHUSIAST: The enthusiast is highly accomplished when it comes to saving money, however, she can easily become sidetracked or impatient when it comes to seeing the returns on her investment. The enthusiast fears losing money. Subconsciously, she avoids committing herself to long-term investments, and though she is the master of portfolio diversification, as she prefers to have several investments going at the same time, she struggles with knowing when to remain and when to let go. Indecision can derail her financial gains and feed into her fear of risk.

MASQUERADER: The masquerader counterfeits their emotions. She uses money to create a facade of who she is by spending more than what she has. She exaggerates her life by purchasing items she is unable to afford or without knowing whether she can really afford them. The goal of the masquerader is to impress others. Making financial decisions based on facts and rational thinking isn’t commonplace for the masquerader. She employs the ostrich approach where she sticks her head in the sand ignoring the debt hoping if she just keeps going the way she is, her financial situation will magically make a U-turn.

Regardless of the money management category you fall into, becoming self-aware is key toward gaining financial clarity. Understanding your money personality will help you become more aware of how you operate. You can enforce and reinforce actions that will help you move out of a label that is destroying your financial future. You can connect with me to obtain your financial freedom blueprint to declare a set of financial freedom values that will help you Live Unstuck, just indicate in the subject line FINANCIAL FREEDOM BLUEPRINT.


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