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About Paula Bridgewater

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I am a daughter, became a wife, then a mother, and somewhere along life’s journey I became part of the ethos of Corporate America. The most vivid thought I have about myself is that I am a human being destined for greatness and I believe my purpose on this earth is to help others discover and connect with their greatness as well.

For me greatness is always unfolding. Greatness is to be liberated from inward incarceration from your fears, find the authentic self and live your truth. As a female your greatness changes and grows, just as water over time moves, flows and shapes the landscapes which it covers, so to will your journey towards greatness shape you. Finding your authentic self is a constant unfolding, which provides you with unlimited potential to create, do or be anything moment to moment. However that creativity or potential to grow is sometimes slowed, stunted and even thwarted, as being a woman requires that you juggle enormous loads of responsibilities such as, family, career, friendships, all while balancing the vicissitudes of emotional and social changes that life serves up.

At the speed and pace at which our world is moving as well as the high expectations you have placed upon yourself, you are struggling to keep up, which feeds into your inadequacy of the various roles that you play in your life. YOU want to WIN at life, you want fulfilling relationships with your spouse, significant other, children, parents, in-laws and friends. YOU want careers where you can make an impact and live a life full of meaning, where you are recognized and impacted, but too often you find yourself burnt out, stuck and unable to liberate your life so that you become unstuck.

For 5 years of my life, I was stuck, tired and straining under the yoke of too much to do and not enough time to do it in. My calling cards came when my spouse said to me “You are a shadow of what you used to be” – “You seem to have lost the zest for life”, “You hardly smile”. I felt in someway I was disappointing him, our marriage and our kids and most of all I knew I was disappointing myself, because at its core – I knew it to be true – in life I was not showing up as my best self. I did not feel like myself and trying to hold everything together started to take its toll. With the feeling of never being good enough, not as a mother, at my career, or as a wife, I felt like I was losing myself and that I couldn’t tell anyone my own irrational thoughts, as I was too ashamed and embarrassed at them and even if I attempted – I felt like I would be judged or no one would understand. I was stuck in silence in varying aspects of my life and it felt like slow suicide. I thought I was the only one that felt this way…. until I started sharing my story and realized that there are other women, who also thought they were the only ones who felt this way as well. If you have come to my site, chances are you are facing similar challenges.

This is why I have created Living Unstuck, because I believe with my whole heart, body, and mind that women are not meant to settle for the scraps that fall from life’s table. I want you as a woman to begin taking back ownership over your thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationships and career. To know that moment to moment you have the power to create and live vibrantly. I would not be so arrogant as to suggest that that I’ve got it all figured out or that my life is perfect. In fact each day that I awake, I have to make the decision to choose vitality over numbness, gratitude over pity, choose presence over absence. You have the power to choose and direct what you think, feel and act.

So if you are stuck in your life, if you have learned some empowerment concepts, but still have areas in your life where you are endeavoring to emerge, if you want to take back ownership over your thoughts, feelings and actions and need assistance, then let me walk with you on this journey of Living Unstuck.

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